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1     The Association shall be called The Merseyside County Schools’ Football Association and shall be affiliated to the English Schools' Football Association. The Association shall be constituted in accordance with the rules laid down for the 'properly constituted' association in the General Rules of the English Schools' Football Association.

2     Objects: The mental and physical development and improvement of school children through the medium of association football and to help such charities as the Council of the Association may from time to time determine.

3     Membership: Membership of this Association shall be open to Schools' Football Associations in the County of Merseyside, provided that teachers in schools affiliated shall be insured as per General Rule 4(a) of the E.S.F.A., but no application for affiliation shall be accepted from an association covering the same area as that of an association already affiliated.

4     All associations before being affiliated to this Association shall satisfy the Football Association Ltd. No school shall be registered by more than one competing association. All affiliated associations must agree to abide by the rules of the M.C.S.F.A.

5     Management: The association shall be governed by a Council consisting of:

(i)    An Executive Group of:  Chairman, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary, Vice Chairman, Primary Secretary & CWO to meet when required in order to make urgent decisions on serious matters. The personnel of this group can be added to, depending on the nature of the business under review. This group to have a quorum of three.

(ii)     A Core Group of members from (a) Executive (b) Primary Section (c) Secondary Associations (d) County Team Managers

 (e)     Referees' Coordinator (f) ESFA Area B representatives (g) Liverpool County FA Representatives (h) Professional Club Representatives (i) Secondary Schools' Competition Committee. This Core Group shall be the main decision making body of the MCSFA. The management of County teams and the administration of County competitions shall be undertaken by elected Core Group Members; the role of Child Welfare Officer shall also be undertaken by an elected Member. Council has the power to co-opt Members, including vetted non - teachers, to do specific tasks. The quorum of the Core Group to be five.

6     The Council may fill any vacancy that occurs in this body, appoint such committees or commissions of the Council and make any such regulations for the management of the Associations and control of the game as from time to time be necessary.

7     Life Membership (a) Life Membership of the Association may be conferred at the discretion of the A.G.M, upon any individual who has given meritorious service to schools football. (b) Life members shall be invited to the A.G.M. and shall be the guests of the Association at such functions as the Council decide.

8     The Annual General Meeting shall be held in July. The Secretary shall give 14 days notice to all affiliated associations of the place, the day and the hour of such meetings. An agenda specifying the nature of the business to be transacted at the meeting shall accompany the notice. At a General Meeting the voting power shall be vested in the officers and Members of the Council together with one teacher representative from each affiliated association and also Life Members.

9     Notice of any business (other than the declaration of a result of an election of Council, appointing of Auditors, the consideration of the accounts and balance sheet and the report of the Council, and not being such as requiring a special resolution) to be submitted at the Annual General Meeting shall be given in writing to the Secretary on or before 1st June.

10     The Council shall have the power at any time to convene a Special General Meeting. The Secretary shall convene a Special General Meeting at any time on receiving a requisition stating the object of the meeting and signed by the representatives of not less than five affiliated associations eligible to vote under rule 8. An agenda of the business to be transacted at any Special General Meeting shall accompany the notice convening the Meeting.

11     Affiliation fees:   

(i)  All age, secondary and associate all age / secondary associations shall pay an affiliation fee of £50 per annum.

(ii) Secondary schools/colleges playing over age football (post 16 / under 19) to pay an affiliation fee of £20 per annum.

(iii) Primary associations, including associate members not attached to associations in 11(i) shall pay an affiliation fee of £30 per annum.

(iv) All affiliation fees to be paid to Honorary Treasurer by the A.G.M. of the preceding season, failure to do so resulting in non-participation in County Competitions. In addition, no boy or girl will be selected for a County team whilst his or her association or school affiliation fee remains outstanding.