Merseyside County Schools’ FA

Primary Meeting Thursday 3rd October at 5pm



Present- Bob Downing, Ken Davies, Emma Rowland, Danny Hart - Wirral, Brian Summerskill – Huyton, Peter Woods & Jake Worrall - Prescot


Nick Corless, Keith Cahillane, Mark Shackleton (ESFA), John Rourke (Bootle), Gavin Beckwith (Kirkby) and Paul Gow (Liverpool).


There are 5 teams taking part in the Merseyside league this year.  Preston and Blackburn are taking part in the Lancashire League and are unable to join us.

We are hopeful that more associations may be able to form a team and join the league next year (St Helens, Bootle and Maghull).


Chester are unable to join the league as they already have a busy schedule but they are happy to play friendly games on Thursdays between 5.30 and 6.30 at Christleton High in Chester.  If interested, please contact Danny Jones on 07879 671939.


There was much discussion to see if we are ready for 9 v 9 football especially as some teams do not currently have the correct sized goals.  It was decided that early fixtures would still proceed as planned and teams would seek to acquire funding for the correct sized goals as soon as possible.


League fixtures were distributed.  Teams will play each other twice and the league should be completed by February half term.  These fixtures are 30 mins each way.


It was decided that teams would play each other a 3rd time in a separate league to decide fixtures for the Everton and Barnett cups.  Draws were done to decide if this 3rd fixture would be played home or away. Results will decide which cup and dressing room.

1st – Everton Cup (home dressing room)

2nd – Everton Cup (away dressing room)

3rd – Barnett Cup (home dressing room)

4th - Barnett Cup (away dressing room)

5th – Ball boys

In this way ALL teams will be present at Goodison Park on the night. 

If any teams finish level on points there will be a playoff match on the 5th April (coin toss to decide venue) as goal difference does not count. These fixtures are 25 mins each way.


The question was raised as to whether we could have more than 1 representative at regional/national stages as Merseyside is a strong area.  Ken Davies will put our request to the ESFA and update associations asap.


Ken Davies distributed information and led the discussion.  Any questions/issues raised were noted Ken will endeavour to find those answers.  Associations will be kept updated as and when new information is available.


It was agreed that we would play friendlies with any associations that manage to form teams to aid integration into the league for next season.


A work in progress and it is being updated day by day.  Please consider what info you would like on the website and let the Primary Secretary know.


Many thanks to those who were able to attend the meeting

Emma Rowland

Merseyside County Schools’ FA Primary Secretary